Re: Too Funny.

You completely left out the events leading up to the marching of Springdalian troops on Parrius. Now I understand that you really don't know what you are talking about most days, so I forgive you.

Fact of the matter remains, matter of perception or not, that Parrius \"started\" these hostilities. End of story. No matter how much you and the super-spy Narissa try to twist the facts and leave out information, that fact stays unchanged.

That being said, the more militant minded of Springdale have indeed caused some extra grief to Parrians of no combat value. But come now Plaman, killing prophets a fifth your size isn't the same exact thing? If not worse?

So for the continuation of this conflict, sure, both sides are to blame. As always. But don't try to hide from the responsibility of actually starting this. Not like it matters at this point anyway, right?

On a slightly lighter note. I was saddened to see you sell your soul and leave Parrius. You were one of the few there with some class. You've left your baby in the hands of incompetent fools. But I hope you find whatever it is you are searching for in Darkness.

With due respect,


Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1139.