Too funny.

Although Parrian Springdale relations no longer concern me my name was thrown in and all I have to say is you are so full of shit I can't believe Springdale can stand the stench. What a lopsided picture you presented and to boot put yourself as some amazing fighter.

Lets see you totally left out Springdale marching troops on Parrius the day after I approached the city offering for a real peace giving over(not selling mind you) SOI and arranging for peace. Not enough for you greedy bastards. There came a point where I asked Koenen to stop harrassing any pacifists and smaller players. He did so and what did we get. You, Pahn and Finbar attacking all of our cits even the non combatant ones so we said screw it and went back.

Ask Gandalph I flatly stated to him when we started talks the first time right before the failed invasion that if Springdale tried to invade I would make sure it got nasty for all of Springdale. You jackasses laughed it off and thought Parrius would roll over and die. When Parrius refused to and bit back you got pissed. Parrius has its share of blame but spare the land your crock of shit picture you painted as yourselves and Springdale as the poor victim. Springdale has its share of the blame.

It boils down to alot of people in Springdale and at first Mercinae got pissed when the Order of Chaos came to Parrius. Because we broke what was becoming the traditional role of Parrius whoring itself out to whoever either barked the loudest or paid the highest. Mercinae came around and saw that Parrius was trying something new, something Springdale was supposedly founded on and that was take each city for its worth. At the end of my reign I am both dismayed and proud I didn't fully complete my goa

l. I had in place a peace if not friendship with Mercinae and a peace if not friendship with Thakria. I hope Parrius continues to stand strong and make no apologies for trying to forge its own way and not fall into some peoples narrow vision of only two sides.


Written by my hand on the 14th of Agamnion, in the year 1139.