Your post.

Go back and read mine. I didn't mention our challenge at all, you brought it up. My post was merely a come and get me post.

I do think you will eventually regain your former strength and will be a good fighter again, but until then, I suggest less tooting your own horn and more time out of the bb where you gain those precious lessons to raise the skills that will make you good agian, k?

As to who I fight and don't fight, bleh, you just have no idea. Honestly, I don't consider myself to be even in the top 20 of fighters in avalon. Ask anyone that knows me and they will verify this.

So no complex here. Just fighting whoever comes up. Some people just don't deserve challenges. I am not good or fair or even evil, nor am I bound by rules of chivalry or other superficial concepts. Duels, challenges and other mutual stuff have their purposes but are hardly there to measure how much people fight, don't you think?

And immunities, while annoying, is not a hugely disabling skill. You will know this as well once you start actively participating in combat.

Interesting that you brought it up though, as in that infamous challenge that you brought you, you acted offensively twice. You spat phoroz (like all bandits do at the start) then nann (again like all bandits do) which both took effect. The rest of the time was spent running around above and under streetlevel.


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Springflower, in the year 1132.