Funny man.

I have not been gone to my Patrons temple in sometime and sat around meditating, thanks for reminding me my neglect of this. Incase you forgot Pahn dearest, I have fairly recently just gone back to bandits. I have no shame in stating I tried a challenge, realized you are too good to die to bumbaless spits(Immunities, I would like to choke whoever thought up this ridiculous ult+ skill) and regular old jabs. At the same time you hardly made a dent in myself(And before you go on yes I used sewers to du

ck in and out during challenge and if someone can come up with a logical reason why this is any different then a mage sitting in a peace rit, a loremaster alkaring or portaling across avalon then perhaps I might listen) so I called off the challenge not wishing to waste resources until I ran out and you then won.

Plus you seem to forget I am a bandit and an assassin first and foremost so umm challenges not really my style and that whole honor thing of facing an opponent--overrated. But while I am thinking of it Pahn I don't know that I see you much challenging and fighting 1 on 1 those of equal skill to yourself. Hmm me thinks you have this complex where you like to gloat of beating people you currently are more skilled then.


Written by my hand on the 23rd of Springflower, in the year 1132.