you were correct, you shouldn't have posted.

In fact I do know that Finbar uses triggers, because he cures instantly, there is no delay. In fact I have fought him when he used to have his own triggers, and then he got the setup of another prominent player, and became twice the fighter he was before.

There is only one other player I have every seen cure in this manner, and that is Kes, he cures via triggers, and I am sure will not try and deny it. Actually, I am sure Finbar will not deny it either.

See you have hit the whole point behind my challenge, I am challenging him to use his reflexes, his whit (what little there is), whatever as long as it is not a trigger to cure anorexia instantly.

It really doesn't matter anyway, because he will never leave those triggers to fight me, or he would accept the challenge, bottom line. The new javalon client offers everything needed in Zmud, save triggers and variables. Yet he still stands scared of what the consquence will be, even though when he loses, he will not be loosing a skillset.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Leaflost, in the year 1121.