"Trigger Whores".

Now I don't normally post here but I couldn't pass this up.

You can't really tell if someone is a \"Trigger Whore\" or not unless you have seen this person's client.

I have seen people who I know didnt use triggers to do anything, let alone cure or malloran or whatever. I have also seen people who use loads of triggers, both complex setups and basic ones.

Someones abillity to type fast or react fast can affect how people see him or hers' use of triggers to heal or cure or whatever.

You don't KNOW if they use triggers or not, and if you put forth the effort to find out, I'd be worried about your abillity to \"roleplay\" and accept what you cannot change.

- Ranger Elmak, Wandering the Wilderness

Written by my hand on the 26th of Leaflost, in the year 1121.