Blotto, the Red Tideto Finbar, Illuminati

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You, jackass, have done nothing of note ever in your life, except whine like a little 3 year old girl. I can beat you with ease, and very often do, in your own staved city with many of your citizens aiding you. If you feel the need to call up past deeds, I will refer back to our last in counter in your city.

I slayed you 6 times to your one death upon me. This was all while 6 of your citizens sat in staves hugging onto your tattered robes, jabbing, cursing me, and rituals all on me, yet you still die. After that showing, I think I would have turned my swords in for good.

And to prove this, I will bet my chivalry skillset, to no skillset of yours, that in a challenge on javalon that I will ship you countlessly. Better yet, I will make it 3 ships for you, and the challenge will be over, ship me once, and I will forfeit my chivalry skillset.

Not accepting this challenge should null and void any more of your dribble that comes out on this board about me.

Now, step up and be a man and accept the challenge, or are you afraid of a little girl with sharp swords?

Written by my hand on the 5th of Hindyear, in the year 1121.