Sir Kes the Flashing Bladeto Ender, Brigand of Chaos

Once again another disloyal, dishonourable and pathetic waste of time has spoken, his name is Ender and once again

he has spoken. Has he learnt nothing from the gods who posted about him earlier on the public BB regarding his

actions and his character.

I guess not, but then again Ender (nice name by the way, wonder what it reminds people of), you are a pathetic

waste of space and time, oh just to prove this look at his guild.

In fact look at his friends, does he have any in Parrius or will he continually suck up to Thakria and their


For the person who stripped every lestagii from the land and also the big poisons, makes me wonder if he has

any morals for his city or is it just himself.

There were reasons why he was chucked out of the rangers and Thakria wonder what they were, or maybe you can

all guess from his last post which looks totally stupid.


Written by my hand on the 5th of Hindyear, in the year 1121.