This will be my last post in regards to you. As I am sure it will make the rest of avalon happy to not see these posts.

The fact that you stated you 'a tad smaller and killing her' is why I said you might have killed me 2 out of 10 times, when it is one on one. I will take 8 kills out of 10, thank you very much.

The only times I have teamed with you with Threap is twice, the first I helped Threap because there were about 4 of you on him. The second, it was yourself, Grymauch, and Rastafar against Threap and I. You can get mad at the fact that I help him, bu

t unfortunately for you, we have common enemies.

Besides it is not my fault if you ran to Northwood on this very last occasion I stated. Just because you run away, and your team is split up does not mean that it is no longer fair for someone to continue their onslaught.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Leaflost, in the year 1115.