And you say I don't read?.

Wow, I claimed to be half your size? Where was this? You must be refering to the \"and the fact that I'm actually a tad smaller than her and killing her has really been erking her\" comment. You might want to read yourself there deary. And as far as t

he aloofness comment, you said, verbatum, \"There is not a single skill that you need, that you don't have right now to fight as a loremaster, save maybe aloofness, as I have yet to see you use;that. \" That statement, of course, makes no sense, which wa

s the point I was making. Not only is your eyesight failing, but your memory too. You've fought me with Threap on at least 3 occasions I recall, one of which was both of you against me, alone, this being in the Northwood area and Rastafar tried to com

e help after I died a couple times. Now then, re-examine the facts and do try to get them straight next time. -Pat-


Written by my hand on the 14th of Leaflost, in the year 1115.