Safe Locations II.

Enderto Everyone


How can we discuss the Pool of Life without mentioning Kes? And by mentioning that name we highlight the problem with the pool; the longer you piss about in the pool the sillier you start to look. Unlike other locations the pool is perfectly safe a

nd I believe there should be somewhere of that nature. The flip side is that you don't get lessons really can't do anything except chat and of course you look like a tit for hiding there. I don't see anything wrong with it as it stands.

Which only leaves us with stockrooms to shops and personally I believe this is where the main problems exist. Maybe it is time to consider removing lesson advancement from shop stockrooms as deterrent for spending ungodly lengths of time in them. Al

l the other recommendations like making them traversable, implementing a long \"true summon\" skill have serious problems when you look at them in depth. The time-limit recommendation does hamper those who wish to partake in the land while not being \"c

onscious\" enough or prepared to fight.

Idling comes in many shades of grey; everything from \"going to bed while enslaving a seeing stone\" to being on the phone while playing. They are all forms of idling but I believe that implementing a system that restricts the lightest for of idling,

playing from work for example, would on the whole prove detrimental to the world as a whole.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Eleuthral, in the year 1105.