Safe Locations.

Enderto Everyone

The problem with this topic is you end up discussing several different points that are all loosely interrelated. Secure locations of all sorts; stockrooms, temples, barracks, professional safe areas (treetops and sewers) and the Pool of Life all pla

y a part in the discussion, be they used for hit and run fighting or simply for idling.

Lets look at each of these in turn:

Temples offer little \"special\" safety other than the wrath of the god in question. In some regards that's what makes them the safest locations of all; few would risk the upsetting a god for a quick kill. In terms of regulations to reduce \"hit and h

ide\" abuse, then I'm sure we would all hope that the offender's patron would take them to task over repeated offences, if indeed it troubled them at all.

As Barracks are restricted in ease of access, length of stay and also allowable actions really don't seem to trouble many people. I think they are fairly well balanced, the only issues seem to arise at a time of war when some would wish for a longer

access time, and other merely point to a lack of preparation.

Professional safe areas are a more interesting kettle of fish, having been a long time Ranger I am fully aware of the various attacks that get past Treetops and Sewers. Neither are perfectly safe places to idle in, as anyone with bonds on them will t

estify. However, different professions have different strengths and weaknesses, I believe that everyone generally agrees that neither Ranger nor Bandit are a \"hard hitting\" profession and as such this protection is an acceptable addition to their def

ensive skillset. As such I do NOT believe these areas should be denied lesson production.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Eleuthral, in the year 1105.