Kal Zakathto Ender, Chaotic Ranger

To be honest with you I do not think a decent sorceror turning up

will easily walk away with the gem. Although they do have a significant

quantity of automated attacks, in a java, trigger free setting their response

to your own attacks will also slow them down significantly.

Not just your attacks, but anybody's attacks. For example a stab with

nann and grimleaf would not automatically be cured as it would be on

their usual client, but would have to be sorted out through the scroll


In the old days, sorcerors were indeed quite powerful but a quick glance

through history will show different people of different professions dominating

in the same style of play as java is today.

Snowlock and Zollrendor were adept at fighting sorcerors, and mages like

Calladan certainly had no problems with even the best of sorcerors.

I certainly believe this will be one of the fairest fights and indicators

of fighting skill that avalon has seen in a long time (given sufficient time

for people to practice)

I will close with thanks to Mephisto for agreeing to organise such a contest.

Unfortunately I will not have access to the realm after the 17th, for a short

while so will most likely be unable to attend. However such a contest is still

a great boost to the fighting community and the fighting spirit and I applaud it.

Written by my hand on the 4th of Midwinter, in the year 1094.