Meerkitty -- such a pathetic effort to pre-emptively shade the truth. Since you

bothered to post on the matter, I will clarify your little lies -- undoubtledly

posted in a vain attempt to alter the perception of anyone who would bother to

read your drivel to believe you are anything other than a coward.

Did you kill me numerous times? Yes you did. Did you accomplish a few of those

kills on your own? Yes -- in fact you did. Did you engage me in a challenge and

then hide in Hellespont Square amidst that city's staves -- refusing to come out --

like a sniviling little kitty coward -- of course you did.

Now dont get me wrong Kitty, I have no complaint about you using staves in a

challenge. But to hide in a city's stave forest, well -- that a game a coward like

you plays. That I choose to play along, to my detriment, well thats just sport.

As for Grahjhkjhjhdjhj, and her supposed 6 curses, I healed pessimism no less than

two times, so you might want to check your math. But again, no matter, I was in

your city, after the challenge, I can deal with being teamed in city limits.

Pahn did no damage to you before I told him to leave, so for you to charachterize

his actions as an attack, well that, again is meer kitty talk.

Finally, kitty, unlike you, I will meet you any time to fight, and more likely than

not you will die -- that I allowed you the benefit of strategic advantage is my

own fault, not your accomplishment. It will be interesting to see how often

you leave that stave forest when i am about, and how often you go hightailing it

back there as I chase you down. Those facts, the land knows, are the truth.

Oh and, dont whine back to me -- just stay cowering in your city kitty the mere


Congrats on your brief reign in Parrius by the way.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Midwinter, in the year 1092.