Hmmm, geee, still going to bitch and moan about me never accepting challenges?

Or are you going to claim you were \"teamed\" because Grahjhl cursed you with a total of six curses (you used allheale to cure each and every one, so don't claim that she continued to curse you just because your inept healing caused it to take a long ti

me to heal them)

Or are you going to whine about me using staves to kill you?

Face facts, finbar, I slew you over 10 times today, 4 of which were in a garden with NO staves, and Grahjhl didn't start cursing until Pahn swung into that garden and attacked me.

If you are stupid enough to jump me in the midst of my city (which I have staved up very well, apparently), then don't be inane and whine when you die.

Or are you still certain that you can kill me one on one? Even though I just slaughtered you like the fatted calf when you were stupid enough to jump me without bringing your butt-buddies?

Oh, and one more thing... Sure, I'll fight you without staves. . .

When you fight without swords.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 1092.