Bills, fairness, Avalon and such.

Koyen the Mercilessto Maiya, Queen of Sirens

Greetings, Maiya

At times i wish we'd have an OOC board here but sieng as there is none and after reading your latest post couple of times i'd like to respond...

Avalon is by far the best RPG realm i have ever seen or heard of.

Many of my friends, who i brought to see this realm said that this place can't be compared to anything else because of how this world is deep, it's endless possibilities, great environmnent and many other things.

This place is so intresting to live in i don't even want to think about the fact that i could have never found it.

Of course it can't be always fair... i'm sure at times there are frustrated people in all of Avalon cities. People come, people go, people return after years of absense... isn't it how it supposed to be... isn't it the perfect imitation of life in a fant

asy world?

When you see a thing that you consider wrong, bad or just something you dislike what do you do? You can avoid it, try to change it or think or other possible ways...

Take Dunccan for example.

I am sure he is hated and feared more then you. Therefore i am sure he receives 10 times worse treatment then you do.

However, he tries to fight it from within. He doesn't step out of character, looks at his monitor and says \"screw it\" but lives his life as Dunccan. When you speak to him or fight him it is easy to feel that he gets everything he can from each moment

he spends here and i believe it is because when he logs in he is no longer that \"someoen\" behind the screen but Lion of Mercinae.

However, there are pople like Phaid, Agrias, you and some others who try time after time to influence realm from without... who post long posts about how something is wrong or unfair, who too often call this incredible place \"just a game\" and end their

posts with \"i quit\" or \"i'm thinking of unsubscribing\".

More then that... in order to impower your voice you usually speak of yourself as \"many\". See some posts of either Phaid, Agrias or you and it's too often \"people think\", \"people will leave\", \"there will be no more Avalon\" when it is actually only your

post and only your words.

I have bee here for over 2 years now... Avalon has survived Babidi, i hear it survived Panaideos and Shaitan when things were much worse then it's now and there are more active people around now then back when i was born.

I honestly believe that there is plenty of people who this place good for and perhaps even more who still don't know about this place but will love to stay here once they find it.

If sometimes you feel tired or pissed, by all means, take a break. Go and explore another possibilities, another realms but sooner or later most of those who leave understand that nothing else can't match Avalon and return.

Places like this can't live by \"customer always right\" rule, so please don't try to always bring your OOC feelings, stop comparing Avalon to a \"basketball game\" and stop threatning to quit. Live your life as Maiya, feel what she feels and perhaps it w

ill make Avalon more intresting not only for you but also for those around you... both friends and enemies.

Respectfully, Koyen

Written by my hand on the 13th of Skyelong, in the year 1079.