Maiya, Queen of Sirensto Father Cimares

\"... There are more people that Love Avalon than there are leaving. \"

Despite what you think on your side of the fence, Cimares, there are dozens of

players who come to me for fighting advice, for conversation, for newbie help,

for gold or equipment, for protection, for laughs, for philosophy and for many

other things than what you are good for now. There are many old faces that

have left Avalon and some that have returned. Just because we choose to leave

Avalon doesn't mean we love it any less. But lets face one serious fact:

I am not paying a sum of money equal to my entire cable bill every month to end

up playing a game where I am the only person on my team. Would you play a

basketball game with you verse 4 other players on the other team? Would it be

any fun for you, Cimares? Think of the simplicity of my statement rather than

dismissing the handicapped player, because sooner or later, there won't BE an

Avalon, because the other players decided to get up and play a more fair game.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1079.