Father Cimaresto Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinae

Now where in my post did I even mention your pathetic little name?

Perhaps you need to look at the facts you spewed in your rampant vitriol? I come around once a month? In fact I log in for a good period most days.

Team somebody? Hmm. I think you'll find that I will never participate in a multiple on one teaming and there are plenty of none Thakrians that will back that up.

Kill a newbie? Now thats good, I don't think even Kes can come out with crap like that. Perhaps you're referring to the incident where a 10 minute old newbie thought to attack my eagle? I think that must have been about 100 Avalon years ago. but wai

t, you'd have been in diapers then.

And as to have done nothing of import, lets look at your past history shall we Dunccan, How many Wars have you taken part in? how many major quests have you fulfilled? How many Mortals have you assisted to the realms of the Divine?

How will your name be remembered in the years to come? Oh, that crazy ass knight who learned his rabid craft from the Master.

My attack was on someone who complains about everything, rants about how crap the game is, then jumps on people on the LW list because she's throwing a cissy fit.

My personal feeling is Avalon is a better place without people like that. if you don't like my opinion, then feel free to join her, thats if you can get you're head out of your arse long enough to find the qq button.

I'd normally sign off with regards, but frankly Dunccan, I don't give a shit about you're opinion.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Paglost, in the year 1079.