Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinaeto Father Cimares

You come around once a month or so team somebody kill a newbie post inanity refuse challenges (like every thakrian minus plaman) then dissapear again, Cimares you are older than hell all of my guild put together, and yet youve done nothing of import,

ever SAID anything of import, and now you have the audacity to coment on an other players wish to unsubscribe? You love stockroom dwelling, very FEW of us will ever trully live avalon, know what it is to jump into a team that outnumbers us 4 to 1 to s

ave a lil newbies goods.

Jump at a fighter who is much bigger than us because he killed a guildmate, for us who TRULLY love the land it is people like you who play it half way who are nothing. but. comic relief.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Springflower, in the year 1079.