stockroom sitting.

First and foremost get some facts straight. Thakrians do not sit in the stalls. That has been banned by myself in the city for sometime. Please tell me which Thakrians are in there and unless they are stocking the stall they will be thrown out plai

n and simple. Private stockrooms unfortunatly since it is apprantly allowed I haven't much control over in the city though ask around I encourage my citizens not to do it.

As for comparisons I pay attention to who is where all the time, paranoid thief thing. Stockroom sitting is a plague that afflicts every city equally. Challenge acceptance is another one plaguing roughly equal amounts from every city.

As for your ridiculous statements about challenges thieves are shadow fighters and assassins. Although from time to time I do go toe to toe with the best of them and actually win if I wanted to prove I am great at challenges I would have joined a gui

ld that lends itself better to these.

I am sure we will continue to disagree on the difference between sewers/treetops and stockrooms and that I suppose is fine. If we want to continue to throw things in then sitting in alkars or peace rits is no better then any of that too and while I d

etest both skills for the difficulties they present me and may even grumble about them I would never dream of classifying those who use them as cowards and the likes of those who run to stockrooms.

On a final note I want to give some respect to someone. Today I caught India and 2 others moving troops. Once peace rit was thrown up I called for a little help and managed to attack. India escaped from me very well and guess what she didn't run to

a stockroom but instead elsewhere to defend. I have alot more respect for her now, well as much as I can for a Thakrian. As opposed to brave Sir Jander who upon being attacked by me put flight 100 to escape me, calmed down and ran to a stockroom an

d began to call me a coward.


Written by my hand on the 21st of Skyelong, in the year 1078.