Here's the fact. Sitting in a protected location where you are unable to be touched at all for periods of time is pathetic.

I don't care what guild you're in, and I have members of my own city that do it, I know. I would point out, however, that of your city, far more do this. I've been paying rapt attention since your first post on this subject recently, and I note this.

Many members of my city sit in guild rooms, or sit with friends. I see very very few people in actual stock rooms and city protected locations. Of your city, however, the city stalls seem to be overflowing with thakrians.

Take a look yourself. You may proclaim the cowardice of Mercinae and the courage of thakria, but I think that you're blind to your own cities weakness.

Next, if you can't take someone in a challenge, then I dispute your claim to be a better fighter than they. It's certainly quite easy to jump in on someone who is unsuspecting, or has few defences up perhaps, but to fight a prepared foe.

This in particular goes out to the members of your city who are content to jump me upon entry to the lands, but will not issue a challenge.

stockroom sitting is pathetic. If you want the safety room, then join the guild that provides the skill.

That's a quote from your post. I find it sad that you consider someone hiding in the sewers and less cowardly than someone going to a stock. If you're a coward, fine! Be a coward, that's your perogative, and perhaps is part of the thief mindset. But j

ust shut up when you complain at others for doing likewise.

Fistandantilus, Prince of Mercinae

Written by my hand on the 20th of Skyelong, in the year 1078.