Sir Jander, Coeur de Lionto Kal Zakath

Today you, Aerian and Meerkat take it upon yourselves to duel Sir Dunccan, India and myself for reasons known only to yourselves. Our two teams were split as evening as possible, 3 on 3. Due to the outcome of it I totally rubbish your claim of utterly

anniliating any team of ours.

During this duel you and aerian died several times to our blades and subsequently took a lengthy ride on the ship of death to think over the error of your ways. Your team lost quickly and efficiently I hasten to add, you all died, we took no loses.

I would have let this pass quietly had not it been for your previously mouthy posts, as for mediocrity, amoung the loremasters YOU are very mediocre indeed.

I have witnessed first hand your fighting tactics, or lack of. Running to up amoung clouds and choosing one of about 8 locations to move to up there when one of us tries to traverse to you. I would gladly fight you without visor if it meant that you w

ould actually attempt an aggressive manuever without fleeing to virtual safety every equilibrium.

I sympathise with Sir Dunccan's fustration with you, when we fight we expect to fight, it is obvious that you have a strange understanding of the word.

Sir Jander, Coeur de Lion

Written by my hand on the 11th of Ilmarael, in the year 1074.