Kal Zakathto Sir Dunccan, the Lion of Mercinae

We often fight against other in teams, sometimes your is larger sometimes mine is. However it has

been shown time and time again that the one I lead utterly annhilates yours. At this time your

friends and citizens start logging off or running to the pool (I draw your attention to Aerian and

I against You Kes, Fistandatilus and Aryanna).

Your bitterness is caused because of your impotence to co-ordinate your city and your citizens,

something which I frankly don't give a damned about.

As for mediocrity, among the knights YOU are very mediocre indeed. Your geography is non-existant

and your knowledge of the land is poor at best (hence your feeble scores in gem quests). Finally it has

been brought to my attention that in recent duels with warlocks you have died very easily without even

leaving much of a scratch. (of course you will come up with some excuse you always do)

I don't mind being branded mediocre at all, for I know I have much to learn to reach the dizzy heights

Zenichiro has achieved, however I find it amusing that this mediocre Loremaster has got your city and you

so flustered.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Ilmarael, in the year 1074.