Methinks it will soon be MUCH harder to truly challenge and defeat a mage.

I must say...I never have used two man rituals in a challenge, and Orinoko has mopped the floor with me, but I'm bettin I'd wipe him out if I had twomanners to use as well.

The ONLY fighter who should ever take a mage in twoman rituals is someone who can remove those rituals from him. A seer, or a good bard.

Think about it, a bard even has to deal with the magnification ritual that the mage has, which makes jumping in after the bard while he/she is trying to drop rituals even easier. Seers have to get around the pyramid rune to get in.

But if you think I should, Plaman, well, who am I to say no.



Written by my hand on the 14th of Skyelong, in the year 1070.