meerkat's point.

His Holiness the Thieflord Plaman, Emissary of Chaosto Everyone

While I think he has droned on well to long and is getting redunant he has a point that two man rits is not a team attack but using your skills. Should a young knight not use swords in a fight because someone else must make them. Should any professi

on outside the thieves and rangers use the high level poisons in challenges because they need a second person to get them? Should I not use a bow or a knife since I depend on other sources to create those for me?

I could list several more examples of how we all get a second persons help in challenges but I am sure everyone could. So give it a rest, beat them in a challenge then go kill the mage who sketched for him if you like, its one of my favorite hobbies!



Written by my hand on the 12th of Skyelong, in the year 1070.