Control groups.

There were negative control groups for each set of varying densities. All grew normally compared to

their tended locations. Whoever came up with the idea of replanting one perhaps has other proof

that contradicts my findings, but I suppose more testing needs to be done should that fail.

Other than that, I am interested in what deals were made with the rangers and why they have failed.

Personally, I feel like a global signed doctrine is still needed should any sort of 'deal' be made.

The obvious to this being that the thieves and rangers can work together to benefit mutually from

inforced poison picking, but the knight guilds can still screw it up. All it takes is one

knight, one night when not too many people are on, and all the phoroz, nann, resik and vaxvarna

can be picked clean.

Its a very delicate matter that would require careful planning and monitoring. Unfortunately,

the only 'hidden cameras' in Avalon reside in the heavens. You could make bell runes and attach them

to staves, but that's about the only monitoring you can get. And the conclusions drawn from it are

poor at best.

Regardless, a proposed method of maintaining erasmus can definitely be made with the Rangers and

thieves. Don't think animists pick it, but who the hell knows nowadays. they shouldn't be allowed to

to begin with. Course that's just my opinion. I disagree with pacifism existing at all. *shrug*

The one thing I loved about the thieves was that they would not allow pacifist players to exist

within their guild. I feel the same should be done with the Rangers. As a machiavellian, I distrust

everyone. One thing is for certain though, should the thieves and rangers strike a deal

together, I would consider our guilds to be united and no ranger should ever attack a thief outside

of a mutual challenge. Bonds are formed much easier this way.

Spill your thoughts. I am intrigued.


Written by my hand on the 13th of Ilmarael, in the year 1065.