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The point is to appeal to the common sense and nobility of the human spirit. There is no point in overpicking an herb ive more than once thought of killing a poison like resik just to see how people would like a world with few if any resik

You would have to spend essence on THAT poison instead of others. or just live without it

Because if the people who plant the poisons and are supposed to care for them. AE Rangers and Bandits dont care enough to let them grow. why should guilds like knights and cavaliers?

Its not like we need the poisons we CAN pick eh? Ive seen shops filled with poisons of every sort, ans poisons i KNOW are not found in abundance anywhere in avalon there is ONE location with resik above 25 in avalon proper

and i know for a fact that there isnt enough to be selling in the quantities it is sold. Even if you do \"essence it\" wich is a lie because the only sorc who CAN essence those poisons sure as hell isnt doing that all day while he is online.

Poisons for profit of poisons suposedly on the extiction list is what you people should be looking into. look around bandits shops and or talk to most of them rare is the one who wont sell you some very difficult to get poisons,

SCRUPULS, honor. does that have no meaning. we could easily be able to let the poisons gro the phoroz the nann the resik. let it florish.

Mabey the knights should kill off all the poisons that hurt their young. phoroz, resik. qurrog.shirolos. there is no point having the skil if alot of the locations are already on something silly like 8 or 4 even some karfar.

ive seen locations of karfar up to 60 many many many locations yet i still find alot of karfar locations picked to 7 or 8 . is this just plain stupidity or blatant laziness? look to yourselves for answers i can attest for ALL of my guild members. can

you do the same for yours?

Written by my hand on the 12th of Ilmarael, in the year 1065.