what an idiot you are.

Just to prove what a complete liar tukar is, has anyone ever heard me shout anything in this land ?

Since my shouting voice was taken away 3 RL years ago, well just goes to prove who is correct and who is

a real idiot.

Next tukar does swim in shit, all you need to do is discern him, we are not as brainless as he makes us out

to be.

Next what posts here were foul mouthed and to who were they addressed to ?

Next does tukar try hard, or was he born like that.

Next I wonder what parrius will do if I start beating the shit out of their people and robbing their citizens

in their city. I bet they will go to war. If not then post here saying I can come into your city

and exact revenge and justice against the Thaks which have become part of parrius.

Who is the moron now Tukar, the person who has so many times questioned for custodian but since he is pretty

useless and no one likes him, always loses.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Midwinter, in the year 1065.