Oh foul mouthed one.

First off, i was not part of the artisan guild raiding you moron, that happened when i was still new. Second I don't swim in it, I just appear to be places i'm not. And I don't need to back up anything and everyuone in the lands knows I'm not lying

about your repeated foul mouth tells, as well as posts and shouts.

If you're that stupid that you actually think people don't know you, your are stupider and more moronic than everyone thought.

Tukar, still pointing at Kes and laughing.

Blotto -> yeah who kills other citizens trying to start a war? Huh huh? because that's Kes's reason for everything, because Zeni kills thier citizens, it's to start a war, now when he kills any other citizen it's because they are smaller and weaker t

han him. Isn't that the rules?

Plaman -> He is very observant from the pool.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midwinter, in the year 1065.