getting enemied.

The Plaman, Prince of Thievesto Herbie is Bananas

People are enemied to every city without sound reason, by carefully created lies, or on the whims of those in power. Why should Zenichiro be held to a different standard when this has been going on for ages in every city?

Little known fact but way back in the begining of my prolific career I actually did not come into Mercinae and attack or rob people. I was enemied to Mercinae for attacking one of the then Baron's girlfriend at the bandit house.

Very petty and nonsense reason and I didn't go on about it. I just made sure I became a real enemy of the city and I spose I have done a decent job.

For those of us who remember forts(not fortifications) and how bad they hurt it always amazes me how bad people moan when enemied to a city. About all that happens now is the bells go off. Somewhat helpful when it is a dangerous fighter in the city

and just plain annoying when it is one of the many useless pacifists wondering in.

Anyway I guess I didn't have much of a point other then it happens. The folks with the power can use it as they see fit until they are stopped or the power is removed from them. A philosophy that has made Thakria work well for years.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Agamnion, in the year 1064.