we have no problems understanding nuetral, or the fact that parrius is the very substance of it. i dont think bitching about being killed by a parrian is the issue, most of us have been killed by zeni more times than can be counted, or cordon, or who


I will say if ya are a merc artisan, ya take your life into your own hands going into parrius.

i have many friends in parrius, and many enemies as well, some i fight with and some against, most merc citizens are the same. the only confusing part is that some parrians fight with some mercs, yet attack others. we are not a neutral city, and we te

nd to have joint enemies and friends.

I will echo dunccan here, is any mercinae citizen suprised that you get attacked by zeni, in parrius, especially if an artisan, a guild he personally destroyed there? dont gripe about it, its a fact of life, smile.

we are pretty plain, enemies of thakria, friends of springdale and about half and half with parrius.

It seems to be working out fine for relations actually.



Written by my hand on the 10th of Agamnion, in the year 1064.