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Lorebreaker Elysiumto The Plaman

Indeed I asked my wife to summon me away having being yanked away from HS where I was chatting, not fighting. I could just have easily have portaled to her, seeing as the sum total of being \"filled with poisons\" was a resiked right hand and kaskamak,

there is nothing wrong with such use of skills.

Your apparent \"link death\" only lasted a few seconds, no more than 10 - 15, a cynic would comment on the simularity of your \"linkdeath\" and qq.

But of course, we all know you don't qq in a fight. Just like you don't use HP return to escape from a fight going wrong , and just like you don't attack someone while standing on a triple marked spot.

Whether you abused your powers is between you and your god. It has nothing to do with me. But personally, regardless of your past fighting record, I now consider you a snivelling little cheat.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1061.