thats rich.

The Plamanto Lorebreaker Elysium

Sorry to post again but I missed the twits second post. I intiated the attack? My dear child when I am sitting in just below the clouds talking to Lancelot and I am webbed and handburned tell me how that is me intiating any kind of attack? Oh yes t

he mysterious jegga brew killing orielle and saemon. A wonderful feat if I can pull off a brew in hellspont when I am in the clouds. I did however brew later when I came to spank those who wanted to start a fight with me.

Again as for my use of hp ability the fight was not going against me until my mind departed my body. I suppose during that time Zenichiro had come to your rescue and I was slain(not being here I can only guess). Once my mind managed to find its way

back into my body I noticed zenichiro there still made a comment and prepared to leave to get defences up. Thinking you had an advantage you came and attacked. I used an hp ability which was blocked on my first attempt by an attack made as I was doi

ng it. I waited until it was cured used it. You choose to follow me in my temple. I know my lords utter distaste of you so throttled a few times(if you die to just throttle you are a moron) to chase you out and it worked. End of story.

Twist what you will how you will but simple fact some Parrians thought it would be great fun to attack ole Plaman because Zenichiro is a friend of Thakria and he won't come to Parrius to kill us. I am not a Mercinaen who sits back and watches things

happen to them making pleas for it to stop. I am a man of action and you attack me and I will one way or another eventually attack you.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Agamnion, in the year 1061.