What -- ever.

You never even gave me a chance to explain considering I was running the whole time back to parrius

trying to assess why the hell I couldn't touch you. If someone says to you, \"You cheating bitch!

I can't touch you! \" do you continue the challenge and not take one second to ask \"What are you

talking about? \" before portaling relentlessly after the person to end the challenge before

the great Bloodlust Gods removed their blessing from you? My point was totally misconstrued by

you. You don't have to be 'PSYCHIC' to realize there is a problem in the fight when you're opponent

has 40 bonds on you and 5 minutes goes by without you dying. I would assume at your level of

experience you don't need the ability to be psychic, but there is a level of bloody logical

INTUITION you dolt! You took no time to assess why you weren't dead yet and why I was yelling the

things I did at you. You just tried to kill me, plain and simple. I could have bb'ed, I could

have quit, I could even have retracted -- but being as I don't do such things when already engaged

in a challenge especially after bonding you 40 times shows how hard I worked against someone as

big as you to get them and to deliver the killing blow in a sportsmanlike fashion; namely, under

the veil of a public challenge. Because what you don't remember oh High Priestess is this --

Anyone can resurrect you if its not a challenge, but I doubt any Paladin will if it is (and

certainly not an animist, be them guildless or not).

You have no excuses here. I look forward to the day when Gods actually choose to do a little

more than 'frown' on behaviour such as jumping and running back to HP protected locs, abusing

bloodlust and taking advantage of bugs in the game, instead of making HIgh Priests out of these

characters which only encourages this sort of behaviour and dwindles the professionalism of the

game drastically.

Or perhaps I'm just crazy and completely full of myself as you claim, Magdalene.

Whatever settles your consciousness.

Dr. Maiya

p. s. I'm still holding my breath Tukar; alive and well...

Written by my hand on the 27th of Skyelong, in the year 1060.