the challenge and your post.

I jumped you in parrius after you twice killed an apprentice sorcerer whom to you must be as you are to me.

The angel found it necassery to push your face once more into the sodden earth, who am I to argue. Even you must admit that you fell very quickly.

I will accept challenges in my own time, not on anyone elses say so. I spent 15 minutes in the clouds doing bugger all before I moved back to the Glade.

I am not psychic, not in the slightest, it just simply doesnt come into my skill set.

Therefore, I will argue that seeing as you did not inform me of your problem until AFTER you lost the second challenge. Yep thats right.

I do not consider someone telling me, 'I cant touch you' to be very informative especially during a challenge. Afterwards, you explained your problem in your usual terse manner, but by then it was too late.

With regard to your general attitude... well, what can I say that hasnt been said already.

If you wished an apology then you could have stated your claim in a more polite manner, as it was you were your usual arrogant self gratifying self, and therefore will gain no such thing from me.

Perhaps if you ever find yourself in that position again, you will apply a bit of thought and retract your challenge then explain why, as that will solve the problem entirely.

The situation and occurence is unfortunate for you indeed, but I am not psychic and am not given to apologising for matters beyond my control, especially to ones as rude as yourself.

Good day to you

Written by my hand on the 27th of Skyelong, in the year 1060.