a change of scenery.

Well, I figured most people don't want to see my relpy in a public forum, so here it is in the fighters.

I find it extremely, no outragesously funny that you even mention Threap's name. For 2 reasons: one not only do you hide at the pool when he logged on, you hide at the pool when the one, Zenichiro, whom you are attempting to belittle, is online as w


Threap might kick my butt when he wants, I have never claimed to be a superior fighter, but I enjoy it, therefore I take part in it.

You on the other hand stay in your pool until the tides sway your way, and you can make an easy kill, or there is no one who will venture their offensive actions to you.

You are a dicpicable excuse of a knight, cowering only till you think it is safe to jump people. Is your health so important you can't stand up for your fellow citizens or your city?

I have seen 10's, no 100's of Mercineans die while you sit idley by in your safe haven.


In conclusion, I hereby relquinish your input in any matters concering me. I hope you can abide be the new \"Law\". (had to throw that in there)


Written by my hand on the 7th of Paglost, in the year 1060.