Wanderlust Scribe the Kender-Heartedto Everyone

This is an odd thread to find on the fighters boards, but nevertheless...

Without presuming to speak for the gods, I can only say, IMHO, the mistake being made is blurring the distinction between the Divinities of Avalon, and the administrators of a server.

quaff potion21279

While you can and should expect a reasonable level of responsiveness and respect from the latter, I think the structure of the game and it's support files has made it clear that our gods owe us nothing, regarding the former.

upcatching on entering this realm, we are from the beginning given the gift of free will- the ability to choose our own destinities.

These choices of guilds, cities, friends, and patrons, while neither right nor wrong, all have consequences, advantages, and disadvantages.

This freedom to succeed or fail is the heart of this world, and what brings so many of us back, day after day. Many have left us, many more will, and many will return- so it has always been.

But perhaps the gods are confident, as are many of us mortals, no doubt, that the experiences we find here, while often maddening, frustrating, and disheartening, are also precious for precisely those reasons.

Just my two 2 cents (or Euros, for you geographically disadvantaged folks) worth. Do with it what you want. *g*


Written by my hand on the 18th of Cloudburst, in the year 1059.