No thakrian thief whined about anyone getting special abilities. Zakath and Orinoko and Allanon were having a debate about shop rooms and earthbinding. Poisons were brought up and calagan shined some light on misconceptions about how much we really p

ick evoked poisons(bandits guild that is).

Anyway unless I am mistaken Thakria has but one bard in scar so that skill is pretty uniquely on 'your side' giving us a 'renegade'. Paladins have spritualism making them unique(portalling jj freaks is rather nasty!), Warriors have trapping making th

em unique, Prophets had evokation making them unique(lost it in a war treaty). Thakria has sorcerors. Perhaps it is our definition of what makes a guild 'unique' or 'special' that is getting in the way.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Agamnion, in the year 1058.