I am not going to get into this argument any further, other than to say that you have made a mistake. Perhaps it is your old age, or lack of knowledge but that is not what I said.

I pointed out how silly it was a thakrian thief , or anyone, should whine about cities getting special abilities.

However I feel obliged to point out , that with exception of one renegade ex thakrian, the Sorcs skill set is uniquely Thakrian, apart from a short lived ancient parrian version, that's always been the case and isn't something I object to.

There were times when \"good/light\" guilds such as rangers, mages and bards were exclusively non thakrian. Not so anymore of course, since PC came to Avalon.

Whether PC means Political Correctness and the desire to allow all, including Thakrians into the guilds, or whether it means Powerplaying Cunts who wank over their cross referenced skills folder rather than thinking about role play, is, of course, a m

atter of personal opinion.

Written by my hand on the 19th of Agamnion, in the year 1058.