Agrias Nhymto Kal Zakath

Being as I cannot write on the public bb for some crazy, crazy, crazy reason, I will

apologize to you here.

Gandalph had left before I could ascertain the situation as to how you got into that stock-

room. Howevery, I did understand how you got into my guildshop storeroom.

Since you delight in making these things public and try very hard to make me look like an

idiot which everybody already knows I am, you can cease wasting your ATP on me.

So uh... right. Sorry. You happy you fucking mental patient?

p. s. ATP = adenosine tri-phosphate, a key molecule in generating cellular energy used

for defensive, neurotic behaviours as seen in Zakath's rants on this bb.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Skyelong, in the year 1058.