Lorebreaker Elysiumto Everyone

Elysium : Login. BB. who. Eye. enter BB

Babidi : who. discern elysium. Speedwalk to parrius

Elysium : quit. quit . open fridge. drink beer

babidi summon Elysium, spit jegga

I'm flattered I can be online,on the BB, for 1 minute, before you obsess about me yet again.

The fact that to get a kill on me you need to jump me as I log on speaks volumes.

You used to try 20-30 times a day and fail, now you rely on steedsense, walking macros, and my defenceless logging in state to gain a kill. Brilliant.

Seek help sunshine, seeing me online, and moving to kill me as I leave BB, which involves you constantly scanning who to see where I am in order to summon me as I leave, is seriously unhinged. You claim you are a great fighter - how come you can't ki

ll me one on one without desperate advantages ?

oh and further to the 200 or so msg proclaiming you do have a sex life offline and that you could take me in a real life fight...

1) if you have nothing to prove, 200 msgs seems a tad OTT don't you think ?

2) I'm visiting the states in a couple of months. Let me know where you live, I'd love to meet your harem before being soundly thrashed by your highly trained, body built, kung fu master physique.

Stop obsessing about me. Stop sending me messages about how cool you are in real life , unless you are prepared to meet up and prove it.

Hey ! You can buy some beer using fake ID and hope I get too pissed to reveal the truth.

Look, I'm not superman, your own middle aged wife can sometimes beat me, (one on one!!!!) - course thats usually a cold day in hell, normal days involve standard Thakrian coward practice of 3 onto 1 stripping teams.

Be a brave boy, and start fighting like a warrior and not a gimp.

Keep real life out of Avalon, and out of my msg file. You'd do well to observe decent players like Arthor.

Have a nice day


Written by my hand on the 29th of Leaflost, in the year 1052.