temper tantrum time.

Even if what you say is true Babidi, its funny to listen to you speak about

things like 'ego' and 'optimal fighting conditions' especially when somebody

was just interrupted in a challenge and just witnessed the slaying of somebody

guiding a newbie just so you could inch ever closer to gaining that intoned

voice of yours back. See, your just pissed that I don't take your compliments

to me as sincere, because in reality they're not. The sad part though, is that

in reality? I wasn't on my computer either. I'm on javalon, no aliases, no

nothing. And even if i WAS on my computer, then it is your own dumb friggin

mistake for even ATTEMPTING to play. Just like you said the same thing to me

when I was at work one day and you killed me. Your emotions have gotten the

better of you on this one, and any abuse of a challenge as you call it is seen

by the death of Joely and I during a mutual challenge. The SMART thing you

could've done, is to post about it here first. But since that doesn't matter

now, and you're all hyped up spewing your arrogant shit again, I can sit back

and laugh my ass off.

By the way, to further inform your blind ass, their were two challenges.

The first one was quite real, and I was chasing joely through Cass Square

while you were bonding us both (good show by the way, got that recorded too)

The second challenge was after I, by myself, killed you. You summoned me, I

jj'ed immediately and went into a hyperactivity -- you died by MY hands alone.

Sorry pal.

The second time was us taking full advantage of a peace rit that annabelle

had up at PE. Yes, I admit, we took our time. But its OUR challenge, so we

can take all the time in avalon to finish it if we want to.

Once again, I move to have Babidi punished for his actions against Joely, me and

Jayamor, whose story you can hear from him if you'd like.

I commend you on your good fighting skills, Babidi, but I scoff at your attempt

to try and defend the fighting spirit you claim to have.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1051.