Your "challenges".

I tried to be nice and a good sport, and this is what I get for it eh? Well your 'challenge' was bullshit. You and Joely challenge each other immeidately after teaming me, then each go to your own city for a while. You then meet up, I watch both o

f your healths on waxes I have of you, neither of your healths or manas are going down. Given that you are KNIGHTS, and there should be some drastic health variation if you are actually fighting, it isn't hard to see that the challenge was bullshit.

Even you verify your challenge was shit. You state you were both standing in a location with Annabelle and peace mists. Given that knights can instantly remove peace mists, obviously those were there for your protection, not because she just opted t

o interfere in your challenge.

When I choose to fight in non optimal conditions for myself, that is my choice, and if I die because of it then I accept it. I attempt to show some recognition for your kill, something most people would never do, and your ego goes nuts. So let me al

ter my previous post a bit. You are shit Agrias, you have no ability and even fighting on telnet I had you up to 28 bonds before my system froze up yet again. And after all that you still go and try to abuse the challenge system to get out of it. W

ell guess what, challenges aren't some rule or divine right. If you're in a valid challenge you'll get left alone, if you try to use challenges as some sort of protection so you can chat, then you die.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Springflower, in the year 1051.