Constantineto Lady Koyen the Merciless

In regards to our conversation earlier today, i had a quick look at a line in the HELP CAVALIERS section...

'No need have we, to hide in the shadows or flit about like birds, for we are proud warriors'

Chuckle, that goes against you almost too-perfectly. I'm sorry my dear, but doing hit-and-runs from your stockroom on my citizens and then refusing me challenges isn't \"knightly\", neither is hiding in your stockroom or bb all day from people like oh m

e and then coming out to team people for cheap kills.

armsmash dunccan for you only serving your city, How many times have you watched me fell Thakrian staves from your stockroom and done nothing about it ? Or even worse going to your stockroom and qq'ing right after Babidi leaves during harvest while yo

u KNOW me and dunccan are attacking your fields.

You only serve your city on your terms when the numbers are ridiculusly in your favour, and that is why you are the perpetually shit fighter that you are. So just go on being the snivelling coward and stockroom huggy you have proven yourself to be ove

r and over again because this is what we now expect of you. Just don't try and tell me that there is some kind of honour or \"knightly code you're following because there isn't.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1049.