Mage combat clinic.

Storm Lord Jhor, Rider of the Tempestto Everyone

Greetings all!

I hate to interrupt a good slugfest with something constructive, but here goes anyhow.

This Saturday at 8 pm (game time, 3 EST , noon PST) I will be holding a mage combat clinic for all those interested.

A special area has been designated for this purpose by the gods, so we will be able to learn from one another unharassed by the outside world.

What I'm offering:

A specific look at each of the mage skills used in combat, both by themselves and in conjunction with others.

An inventory of important equipment and non-guild skills needed for success.

A question and answer session to address specific concerns or needs.

And a tournament to show off and test your newfound skills, with prizes available to those showing the most improvement and innovative ways of triumphing over your opponent(s).

The cost:

5000 gold coins (incurred primarily to ensure that all participants are serious about learning)

ignorance full I believe that you are truly interested and have no way of acquiring the fee, we may be able to negotiate.

Also, a client overview will be available to those who use them...

Please contact me either in person , through letter, or message before the date so that I can plan the clinic accordingly...

I hope to learn as much from those attending as I have to offer, for I most certainly have plenty to learn...

Yours truly,


Written by my hand on the 25th of Hindyear, in the year 1049.