the feast.

The only reasone those nice demons arnt invited is the incredible, everlasting stench they exude due to being ridden by their masters all day... All in all balrogs are nice enough demons... as for some of the others...

Actually Jhor i would like to invite your shrike as a guest of honor to the feast, you can come or not its up to her. Considering she gets more than half your kills. but if you do please dont bring that french maid outifit, you really dont look as fec

thing as your mount has led you to believe.

As for your comments on Sir Kes, I do not feel him lacking in any of the knightly qualities but temperance, and a hot head is sometimes a better companion than a cold derisive snigger. eh.

Plus, you people team kes day in day out if there are more than two of you. and nobody else is really on.

Sir Dunccan

P. S. As to me. I might have to die to you ALL, but I dont have to like it, and one day I am confidant ill be able to exact justice on you ALL. and mabey a tad of revenge.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Skyelong, in the year 1044.