Knights take notice.

Admire at length this quote: 'I can sit at pool if I like.'

Whilst more than true, coward, the fact that you post your willingness to do so is in my opinion pathetic. But you knew that.

Blotto is a pirate at heart and has never claimed to be otherwise to my knowledge. Your claims to honour and chivalry are laughable, and while I've always enjoyed your quirks (really, I have!) these latest whines once again demonstrate to all of Avalo

n your permanent place in Avalon history as the greatest fool of all time (replacing the former title of greatest paranoid).

I seldom praise Dunccan for much, but one thing to his credit is that he never backs down from a fight, regardless of personal loss. He's not always graceful about it, but no one can doubt his courage. I wish his 'hero' would display some of that onc

e in a while.

Of course, this post will have little impact on you. Mayhap it will make a young upcoming knight take notice and look a little more carefully at their path and role.

And Balrogs may sup with Cassiandora at the annual Mercinae holiday feast as well.

Storm Lord Jhor, Rider of the Tempest

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Skyelong, in the year 1044.