I rarely post here but after the last few post I thought I had better. I have never moaned to anyone about

having the crap kicked out of me or stripped, I just tell people what has happened when they ask. I usually

moan about level drops though but what the hell, they can be got back quite quickly.

However Help Sadism should now change its text to say those who are in the cities of Thakria and Parrius, since

it seems when I am on they are the people who are doing the spitting of olvar and stripping the most.

Bosno, sadism is here to stay and it is being used for one reason only, either to instill fear into an

opponent or to break their soul and make them quit the game.

It is a simple tactic, with less people in a city means less men to enlist and thus the city gets weaker.

I have never ever stripped anyone in this land (mainly because I don't know how) but concidering what has

been going on here over the past few days, I may just start.

People by their association with a city or order or guild means that they encourage this behaviour since standing

by and doing or saying nothing is saying that they agree with stripping and murdering newbees. No one here is

an island and must take the punishment of what their friends actions have caused.

Live honourably (which is bloody hard to do in this time), but always be true to yourself.

For every action there will be a reaction, so be warned.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1044.