Druid Elysium, International Rescueto Everyone

I of course agree with Bosno, the amount of sadism and bullying in the land is pathetic.

Play the game, fight honourably (even if you are evil there seems little point looking like a spineless cowardly bully) and let everyone enjoy themselves.

I have faith in some of the younger players, Koyen & Dunccan for example.

And in order to keep that faith, I suggest they read posts 16717 again.

As a side note, if you find yourself being repeatedly spat with olvar or splashed with grey in order to prevent suicide and shipping before all your possessions are stolen - feel free to ask for my assistance if you see me around.

Because I WILL stop sadism and repeated killings of a player for amusement or robbery, and I don't care how much abuse I get for it.

Elysium, For Life.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1044.