and constantine.

Warrior Zakathto Count Xandamere, the Damned

Xandamere you fail to mention your unbelievable large team of drones following

you around helping you at every instant.

Whilst Constantine, you must be blind not to see how numerous the forces of

'good' are compared to the 'baddies' as you put it in your childlike manner.

Each and everytime I fight I am outnumbered, and it a very rare occasion indeed when

the teams that I am in, outnumber those of our enemies. This is a reality and

not a delusion which you and Xandamere appear to be suffering from.

Not only is this widely accepting by the 'baddies' it is also widely accepted by

most of the sane 'good' guys.

If I am too busy to fight a challenge whilst helping my friends in combat. well

tough luck. Just try to stop whining just because your teams die more often than you

should do, and you especially constantine have a nasty habbit of running into my blades

and getting your head lopped off.

Hey. live with it.

As for Xandamere who seems not to have understood my last post. I haven't fought a sorceror

for a few real life years so YES, it is very likely that I will be losing to you easier

than any Mercinaen Knight or Springdalian Paladin would. this is not something that will

last long.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1043.